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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there so many errors on the website?

Didn't know there was! Always happy to listen and learn from others and more than happy to update the website if there are errors on it. Use the Contact Us to get in touch.

Why aren't overseas models (like those available in the USA) included on the website?

Building this website was a massive undertaking that is still in progress. The 60 series Landcruiser was a very popular vehicle in Australia in the 80's, but it has still been a very time consuming process to collate all of the information. To include overseas models as well would be even more time consuming and it's just not on the list of things to do!


Why is there no mention of the BJ60 on the website?

Because it was not available in Australia. It was a 60 series with the Toyota 3B engine, available mostly in Canada and South America.

I have a FJ61 (or HJ62)!

Do you? Check the vin plate on the drivers side firewall and the chassis # stamped on the chassis just behind the steering box. If it says FJ61 or HJ62, we want to see it!


I have an HJ60 with twin headlights, I thought the HJ60 only had single headlights?

No, the twin headlights were introduced across the entire range in July 1987. So the HJ60, HJ61 and FJ62 were available at some stage with either single or double headlights. Only the FJ60 did not come with twin headlights as that model was discontinued in 1985, before twin headlights were introduced. Check the Landcruiser Timeline for more information.

Why aren't all of the minor changes included on the website?

Because there were a lot of 'tweaks' over the years that weren't necessarily documented, not obviously at least. I have concentrated on major changes in models only. If you know of changes that have been missed please contact us.

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