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Australian Timeline

This timeline is specific to Australia. Other countries had varying models and release dates.

For a list of models available year by year, click here.

November 1980

  • 60 Series Landcruiser released in Australia

  • Models available

    • FJ60RV = 'Standard' with 2F 4.2 litre petrol engine 

    • FJ60RG = 'Deluxe'  with 2F 4.2 litre petrol engine 

    • HJ60RV = 'Standard' with 2H 4 Litre diesel engine 

    • HJ60RG = 'Deluxe' with  2H 4 litre diesel engine

  • All variants had a 4 speed gearbox 


  • 4 speed gearbox replaced with 5 speed

  • Fuel filter warning light moved to left hand side of dash

  • 4wd indicator light added to dash

  • AM/FM Tape player added

  • Remote rear door lock added

  • Dimmer switch added to dash lights

  • Clinometer added

  • Sahara model added to the Diesel lineup only, not released in a petrol version


  • Limited edition 'Silver Series' edition added to the lineup for 1983 only

  • Clutch booster added to Sahara models



  • Petrol version of the Sahara added to the lineup


  • FJ60 model discontinued and replaced with the FJ62

  • FJ62 with 3F 4 Litre petrol engine added

  • HJ61 with 12HT 4 Litre turbo diesel engine added

  • Automatic Transmission added to the lineup (not available on Standard models)

  • Vacuum operated transfer case introduced

  • Rear shocks changed from 16mm to 19mm pins

  • 21mm Sway bar added to Deluxe and Sahara models

  • Revised steering wheel

  • Central locking added to Deluxe model

  • Booster added to clutch added across the range

  • Chassis welded instead of riveted together

  • Body panels changed to Excelite, corrosion resistant, galvannealed steel

  • Warning lights for the air and fuel filters

  • 2H Diesel engine revised, including engine mounts

  • LSD differential added to the Sahara

  • Rear sway bars added to Deluxe models



  • HJ60 Auto option discontinued

  • Larger side view mirrors added

July 1987

  • Twin headlights replace the single headlights across the whole range

  • Indicators on front quarter panels added

  • Revised dash introduced

  • New steering wheel added

  • HJ60 Sahara removed from lineup

  • Major upgrades to springs and shock absorbers

  • Rear sway bar on Deluxe and Sahara models changed to 23mm

  • Front sway bar upgraded from 19mm to 21mm (VX = 23mm?)

  • 'RV' designation removed and all models become 'RG'

  • 'G' Deluxe model renamed to 'GX' model

  • Sahara model renamed 'VX High Roof'

  • 'G' removed from front quarter panel

  • Auto option added to FJ62 'Standard' model

  • Standard Models changed to fixed rear glass

  • Revised steering box

  • Revised (lower) low gear ratio on the auto transfer case


  • GXL model added

  • 'White Lightning' limited special edition added for 1989 only

  • FJ60 Standard Auto option removed from lineup



  • All 60 Series models discontinued 

  • May 1990 80 Series Cruiser released

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