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There were several models and model designations of the 60 series in Australia. This page is for the common available models. There were also a few limited edition models released by Toyota throughout the years and information on these models can be found below.

Intro - Twin Headlight Misconceptions

The changeover to twin headlights in July 1987 causes a lot of confusion as it is a common misconception that twin headlight models are HJ61 or FJ62 and single headlight models are HJ60 or FJ60. From July 1987 every 60 Series Cruiser in Australia came with twin headlights. So the HJ60, HJ61 and FJ62 were available at some stage with both single and double headlights. Only the FJ60 did not come with twin headlights as that model was discontinued in 1985, before twin headlights were introduced. The engine that the particular 60 came with determines what model it is: 

HJ60 = 2H, FJ60 = 2F, HJ61 = 12HT, FJ62 = 3F. 

HJ62 - It is another common misconception that there is a HJ62. There is not. HJ62 is used incorrectly at times to describe the HJ60 twin headlight model.

FJ61 - Info can be found on the internet that suggests that there is an FJ61 model, released only for the Japanese market. Scouring through Toyota Japanese 60 Series Brochures fails to support this. Until someone can produce a VIN plate or number stamped on the chassis, we say it does not exist.


The only true way to determine the exact model you have (in case there was an engine transplant done) is to check the VIN plate and the number stamped on the chassis (just to the rear of the steering box).


Check the Landcruiser Timeline for more information.


HJ60 - 2H diesel engine 1980 - 1990

HJ61 - 12HT turbo diesel engine 1985 - 1990

FJ60 - 2F petrol engine 1980 - 1985

FJ62 - 3F petrol engine 1985 - 1990

VIN Breakdown

First 4 letters/numbers as above


Steering Position - R = Right Hand Drive

Body Type - V = Standard Model, G = Luxury Model

The 'V' letter was dropped from the Vin in 1986, so all models became 'G' on the VIN.

After the dash (-) as follows;

Transmission - M = 5 Speed Manual, K = 4 Speed manual, P = 4 Speed Auto

Rear Doors - C = Barn Doors, N = Lift Up Tailgate

Trim Level - E = VX, N = GX, R = Standard

Roof - Z = High Roof

Fuel - X = Turbo Charged

Country - Q = Australia

Specification Levels

Identifying specification levels of the 60 Series Cruisers can be confusing as the designations changed in July 1987. Up until that point the specification levels were; Standard, Deluxe (G) and Sahara (GX). After July 1987 these became; Standard, Deluxe (GX) and Sahara (VX). In 1989 the GXL was added and sat between the GX and the VX in the range.


  • Available in FJ60, FJ62 and HJ60

  • HJ61 was never available as a Standard model

  • Rear swing out (barn) doors

  • 2 speed window wipers

  • AM/FM Radio

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl covered seats

  • 7.50x16 tyres

  • Split steel rims

  • Later models had fixed rear side glass, earlier models still had sliding windows


Deluxe 'G', known as the GX from 1987

  • 'G' badge on pre 1987 models

  • Lift up tailgate

  • Intermittent windscreen wipers

  • AM/FM Radio with stereo cassette player

  • Fabric covered seats

  • Carpet flooring

  • Rear window wiper and washer

  • Tilt adjustable steering column

  • Chrome mouldings

  • Clinometer

  • Digital clock

  • Chrome wheels

  • Tacho

  • 205R16 tyres on early models



  • Only available in 1989/90

  • Available in all models at the time - FJ62, HJ60, HJ61

  • 15x7 chrome plated wheels (white on white models)

  • 10R15 tyres

  • Black wheel flares

  • One piece front door glass

  • Tinted side and rear windows

  • Limited slip differential

  • Remote fuel lid opener

  • Central locking

  • Soft feel steering wheel

  • Electric mirrors


Sahara GX, known as the VX after 1987

The Sahara, introduced in 1982 was the flagship model in the 60 series range right up to the end of the 60 series production. 

  • Introduced in 1982

  • 'GX' badge on the front guards pre 1987

  • 'VX' badge on tailgate post 1987

  • High roof

  • 8 seats

  • Electric sunroof

  • Tinted rear and side windows

  • Front bucket seats (no bench seat)

  • New steering wheel

  • Later models included;

    • Dual air conditioning

    • Wheel arch flares


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