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Other 'Special' Models

Over the years there is evidence that there were some 'special models' released by specific dealerships or at least groups of dealerships. There is every chance that there are more of these special models as dealers seemed to have some free reign when accessorising models for sale. There isn't much information available and finding pictures has proved almost impossible. What is known is listed here, but it is brief. If anyone can shed light on this or any other special models please contact us.

Executive Cruiser

The 'Executive Cruiser' was available through Sydney Toyota dealers in at least 1985 and maybe other years as well. They were basically Sahara models that were kitted out with extras by the Australian Sunroof Company in Sydney. The extra features makes this model the highest in the 60 series range ever sold in Australia. It is unknown how many of these models were sold, but due to what would have been a high price at the time it is doubtful that these sold in large numbers.

Features included;

  • Electric sliding sunroof which can be tilted at the rear

  • Black out paint around the side and rear windows

  • Subtle decals

  • Colour matched door mirrors

  • Colour matched rear bumper

  • Reflective rear number plate assembly

  • Moulded front bumper and lower body protection panels

  • Chrome painted nudge bar

  • Two tone leather seats (re upholstered Sahara seats). The leather that may come into contact with passengers is perforated for airflow

  • Mesh 'see through' head rests

  • Leather trimmed panic handle

  • Leather gear lever socks

  • Colour matched Momo steering wheel

  • Thick pile carpet

  • Velour headlining

The Fugitive

The 'Fugitive' was available through Pitstop Toyota in St Kilda, Melbourne in 1988 and maybe other years as well. They were basically a HJ60 GX Deluxe fitted with ARB accessories. It is unknown how many of these models were sold.

Features included;

  • ARB Turbo

  • ARB Colour coded bull bar

  • ARB Colour coded fibreglass flares

  • Old Man Emu shock absorbers

  • Tow bar and plug

  • Wide wheels and tyres

  • Specialty striping

Gold Series

The Gold Series appears to be a dealer optioned Sahara from South Australia as opposed to an official Toyota release. Details are almost non existent but it appears to simply be a Sahara with gold coloured accessories. The photos below would indicate that this most likely an 85 or 86 model.

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