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Shock Absorbers from other models


If you have a large lift you can use longer shocks from other models that may assist with more suspension travel. The table below contains technical specifications from Ironman shocks. This is not to say that only Ironman shocks can be used, it's more to give an indication of shock ends and lengths of shocks intended for other vehicles. Other suspension brands will have similar shock lengths.



Rear 80 series shocks will fit in the front of the 60 Series. These shocks are available in longer lengths than the 60 Series shocks. The 80 series shocks have a 14mm upper pin diameter whereas the 60 Series shocks have a 10mm pin. The hole in the top shock mount pay have to be drilled out to suit the larger pin. The valving on rear shocks for coil sprung wagons is typically similar to the valving in leaf sprung wagons.


Longer rear shocks from 75, 78 and 79 Cruisers will fit to the 60 (as long as you have 19mm shock pins in the rear). If you have 16mm shocks in the rear you can still use these shocks, but you will have to change the bushes in the shocks to suit the smaller pin (Old man Emu OMEB11 or Powerdown EB216). Alternatively you may be able to source a steel sleeve that can take up the difference in pin diameter.

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