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This website has been created for the benefit of all 60 Series Landcruiser owners. It is not for profit and the site relies on very generous sponsors. The following 60 Series owners have donated to keep the website alive. Donations go towards website hosting and domain name registration. If you would like to be a sponsor contact us for more info.

Platinum Sponsor - Kevin Mealing

Gold Sponsor -  Marcus Carr

Gold Sponsor -  Jack Whitehead

Gold Sponsor -  Luke Woods

Silver Sponsor -  Callan Madden

Silver Sponsor -  Glenn Rowe

Silver Sponsor -  Josh Rosewall

Bronze Sponsor -  Chas Robinson

Gold Sponsor -  Beau Weir

Gold Sponsor -  Rob Mills

Gold Sponsor -  Ben Weir

Silver Sponsor -  Dylan Roberts

Silver Sponsor -  Liam Kelly

Bronze Sponsor -  Gordon Bossley

Bronze Sponsor -  Shane Graham

Cruiser World supplies new and used Landcruiser parts all over the world. Click on the picture and check out their website.

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