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Child Seat Anchor Points


If you have a 60/61/62 built before 10/1985 there are no child seat anchor points. As of 10/1985 it became a legal requirement in Australia to have anchor points installed in new vehicles. If you have a 60 Series Cruiser built before this date you have two options. Install a CRAB Bar or replace the seats from a later model.


CRAB Bar - CRAB stands for Child Restraint Anchorage Bar, so technically it's a CRAB, not CRAB Bar! Either way you can install a CRAB and put up to 3 anchor points on it, for 3 child seats. Technically these should be fitted by an authorised installer to make it legal.




Replace the Rear Seat - You need to find a rear seat from a post 10/1985 model. If you have a single rear seat, don't buy split rear seats from a Sahara as they use different mounts and won't fit. The following pictures show removing a rear seat from an 83 model and replacing them with a post 10/1985 seat. As as added bonus, the later model seats also have head rests.

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