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Heater Fan Repair


One or more of the fan speeds on the heater not working is quite a common problem on the 60 series and there is an easy fix.


In this write up the heater fan was working on all speeds, except fan speed 1. The same procedure can be followed if other fans speeds are not working. The resistor may not quite give the same fan speed as it had previously but it will be close.


The fan is controlled by a 'resistor pack' that is cleverly attached to the air duct (to cool down the resistors). Fan speed 4 bypasses the resistor pack, so the fan gets full voltage. Fan speeds 1-3 wire up to the resistor pack. The part is still available as a genuine item from Toyota - part #87138-22030. $145 from my local Toyota dealer, but can be fixed with a 50 cent part!

Here's how:


  • The resistor pack can be found to the left of clutch pedal. Two phillips head screws to remove it. Remove the white plug first (it comes off easily).


  • The terminals are marked L,M,H and EH - standing for Low, Medium, High and 'Extra High'. L = fan speed 1, M = fan speed 2 and H = fan speed 3. Fan speed 4 (EH) bypasses the resistor pack. 

  • The resistors are wired in series, so if fan speed 1 stops working the the smallest coiled resistor is faulty. If fan speeds 1 and 2 stop working, the medium sized coiled resistor is faulty. If fan speeds 1, 2 + 3 all stop working (but fan speed 4 is ok) then the larger coiled resistor is faulty. This is assuming that only one coil is faulty. If the fan doesn't work at all, check the fan and the fuse.


  • ​Purchase from Jaycar a 1 ohm wire wound resistor, part # RR3220, cost 48 cents! Cut the old coiled resistor out and solder in the new Jaycar resistor. Due to space limitations it will have to be located under the medium coiled resistor. You will have to put a small bend in it to get the clearance. ​​

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