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Checkout these links to our favourite Offroad adventure sites!


                                             Print My Trip Have your Offroad Adventure made into this                                                                      cool poster. Use your own trip route and photos. An ideal momento                                                              for your Tasmanian Offroad Adventure!



                                                                     Performance Driving Australia - Performance Driving                                                                           Australia 4WD training programs are available Australia wide – both                                                             at their approved driver training venues and on-site at your location.








                                                                     4wd Tasmania - 4wd Tasmania is an organisation representing                                                               4wd recreational vehicle clubs and their members. 4wd Tasmania                                                               promotes the use of public and private lands and protecting the                                                                   areas used by recreational vehcicle owners. 




Tassie Adventures Blog -  Checkout this blog by Tassie bloke Justin Stevens. He writes about his camping, fishing, bush walking and 4wd adventures. A good read and also an opportunity to check out some great Tassie sights and camping areas. 

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