Jason E, NSW

Jason is a big SS60 fan and this is a great example

FJ60 - Shane G, Qld

HJ60 - Unknown Owner, Tas

Advertised for sale on Facebook May 2018

Unknown Owner, Tas

Advertsied for sale (without engine) on Facebook April 2018

FJ60 - Mark C, Tas

Has been fitted with GXL flares. 

FJ60 - Wrecked, Tas

Was in a private wrecking yard. Had all badges. Has now been disposed of.

HJ60 - Finlay T, NSW

Unknown Owner, Perth, WA

Adverstised on Gumtree May 2018. Has been converted with Chevy V8 diesel engine.

FJ60 - Wrecked, ACT

Advertised for wrecking on Facebook in 2016

HJ60 - Unknown Owner, Qld

Advertised for sale on Facebook 2018

Aaron M, Qld

FJ60 - Callan M, Vic

Todd W, Qld

HJ60 - Keith C, NSW

FJ60 - Maks P, SA

Paul B

Unknown Owner, QLD

Advertised for sale on Gumtree May 2018

HJ60 - Wrecked, Vic

Advertised being wrecked on Facebook 

FJ60 - Wrecked - NSW

Advertised being wrecked on Facebook 2015

HJ60 - Britney C

No longer registered. May have been wrecked.

Tyrone E, NSW

Michael H, NSW

Jude W, Qld

For sale on Gumtree 2020

Myles Borchardt, Qld

Kelly W, Qld

Callum B, Qld

Was listed for sale in 2019



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